Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Mountsfield Park

Mountsfield Park is a large area, adding "green lungs" to Hither Green. In recent years a lot of work has been done to ensure that the park is a living, thriving part of the local community, supported by the Friends of Mountsfield Park (who have an informative website with more background information).

I was at their meeting last night. It sounds like there is definite progress on the plan of getting a café and toilets in the park, with a good chance of it all being ready by the end of June (ready for the under-5's fun day on 26 June). There is also work being done on getting a farmers market running there.

I hope this all works as planned - drawing more people in and, as the park becomes a stronger hub of the community, becoming safer, less prone to antisocial elements and thus yet more popular as a destination. At the moment I would say that, on the whole, things are looking good for the park, which is an increasingly pleasant place to take a stroll.

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