Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Further Green

Verdant LaneHow big is Hither Green? I have still not decided on my own answer. However, although many people consider Brownhill Road to be a southern boundary I think my footleather will need to tread beyond that; otherwise, I will be missing such beacons as Hither Green Methodist Church and Hither Green Cemetery.

Last night I visited friends who live in one of the roads between Verdant Lane and took some pictures on my walk down - click on the image (looking at the crossroads where Brownhill Road, Verdant Lane, St Mildred's Road and Hither Green Lane meet from part way down Verdant Lane) to see the set.

One of the roads down there is Further Green Road. That suits my perspective - I live in Hither Green but I hope to find time to trek thither to Further Green from time to time.

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Clare said...

I think Lewisham council treats Sandhurst Road as the Southernmost boundary, but I think you should venture around the Corbett Estate a little, as it would certainly have been considered HG when built, even if it isn't now!