Thursday, 6 November 2008

Do You Want to Walk Hither Green?

I've accomplished a lot of things this year, from recording one of my original jazz compositions to finishing a year of weekly self portraits to maintaining my habit of almost daily entries on my main blog.

However, I've failed in my ambition to do a lot of extra walking round Hither Green beyond what was previously my habit. Now, as we come towards the end of the year, I'm relocating up to Oxford to start a new job there and therefore, I think I won't get any further on this blog.

What I think I should have done is started by mapping out what I counted as Hither Green and marking out some routes that would see me covering most of it. I made a few desultory efforts but never found enough time to do it properly.

What I'm wondering now (apart from whether anyone wants to buy a spacious one-bedroom flat with beautiful garden in the area!) is if anyone else would like to take this project on? You can have the existing blog if you want and I'm guaranteed as a subscriber. I can live with my failure in this area but would love to see what someone else might be able to do with it.

Let me know via the comments if you are interested.