Friday, 28 December 2007

What is This Blog About?

Inspired by Rob's Walking the Streets of Forest Hill project, I want to walk every single street in Hither Green (with a little help from my friends) before the end of 2008.

Hither Green is a district in the London borough of Lewisham. Its boundaries are loosely defined and it is not one of the most historic or pretty areas of the London.

However, it is the patch that I call home and I hope to know it better by the time I wrap things up in a years time, as well as enjoying time with friends and getting to know a wider sweep of my geographical neighbours.


Robert McIntosh said...

Great idea! I will definitely be following this to learn more about your area. Let me know if I can help out with any advice. Maybe we can set up a little network around here just for walking blogs!?

Wulf said...

Do you know of any others? I'm planning to add some more links to the side panel, including local bloggers and sites covering the area, and a list of local walking blogs would be an apposite addition.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is going to be very interesting! I speak as a fellow resident. I'd be interested to see a map showing the boundary of Hither Green, as it seems very pliable!

I shall be adding to my links list too. Pop in for a cuppa when you pass my house!

lewisham kate said...

Wulf i was pleased when i saw you were doing this ,a great idea.I am just kind of on the edge of hither green ....but say lewisham as thats my snobby side ;0).People also say im in ladywell..which is rubbish. but i also think a map with boundries of hither green would be great. Look forward to reading your new blog.

Robert McIntosh said...

no, I don't specifically know of any other 'walking around the area' sites, although there must be plenty of local history AND/OR walking blogs, but not sure how we put the two together.

Maybe a joint research project?

I too think that the map is a great place to start. I chose the postcode area as it is quite precise, but not sure it applies to you.

I would definitely suggest setting yourself up with "My Maps" on Google Maps to define the area and track each walk. You should, in theory, then also be able to geotag your photos and add them in. although I have not tried it on Google recently as Flick switched to Yahoo Maps.

Clare said...

Ooh, I will be reading this with interest! Not sure if you will come by me as I live just on the outskirts of what one might consider to be Hither Green, but you never know!

Robert Burdock said...

Good luck on the quest Wulf. I'm doing a similar project in Scotland but am a bit snagged by my dissertation right now. It ends this week so I'll be right back on it again.

And don't work I'll be mentioning your little project on my blog as soon as I get a window of opportunity :o)