Wednesday, 13 February 2008

While Waiting for More Walking...

I have actually done a second walk at the start of February but am still working on the photos. Hopefully I will get round to writing it up before I forget my thoughts on the walk although, as a worst case scenario, I suppose I could always walk it again.

Meanwhile, I have done some playing round with the layout. If you are reading this directly rather than via a service like Bloglines (my personal choice of online feed reader) you will see some new elements down the right hand side including a slideshow of the pictures I have published so far and a list of links to other neighbourhood walkers I have discovered (post a comment if you know a blog that you think should be there - yours or somebody elses).

Near the end of the column, you will also find subscription links in case you decide all this redecorating is too much and you would rather keep up via a feed reader after all!


Blabberon said...

While you are gathering up walkers you might consider my blog:

And, I am pleased to discover you and your effort!

I will post your link.

Walkers Unite!!

Wulf said...

Got it, thanks!