Monday, 14 January 2008

Lewisham Pubs

Following Friday's post I noted new article on Brockley Central today that suggests Hither Green is not the only area of Lewisham Borough to be seeing a decrease in the number of pubs.


lewisham kate said...

Hi Wulf, I know where i live there were a lot of pubs but they are all closing down. The john morden, the quens arms and the spotted cow.Ok we have the hansburys but its not somewhere you would go unless desperate. Holly tree is ok but helps if you know people there.

Wulf said...

Before too long I need to get down to figuring out just what I am calling "Hither Green". I tend to think of The Hansburys and The Holly Tree as just outside the borders but, to be honest, I still haven't quite decided exactly where I think the borders are.


Anonymous said...

I cannot understand Why certain people have negative things to say about the hansburys. Its a very nice pub with new customers all the time. Seems to me that the only people who say anything bad about the pub are the regulars from the holly tree who are barred from the hansburys for doing drugs and generallt being a pain in the but. The holly tree has the same 12 customers every day every week .Nothing new there eh....Rememeber the Pub spys comments on a recent visit?